Satisfied Home Improvement are experts in residential and commercial roofing using the highest quality of materials and workmanship. All roofing companies are not created equal:  We are a highly experienced team striving to exceed our client's expectations and have proudly supported homeowners with various home improvements. As our portfolio demonstrated the satisfaction of our clients is at the heart of our services. Satisfied Home Improvement will ensure to provide quality services and materials on any job taken. Satisfied Home Improvement use the very best roofing materials. As a preferred contractor, we install GAF (Timberline & sovereign), Tamko, firestone and other materials.


Steps we take:


Satisfied Home Improvement do an initial evaluation with the property owner to determine their needs: For example, proper ventilation, leak prevention issues, and anything else that would affect the outcome of a job well done.


Once we remove the shingles from the roof, we will evaluate the decking to ensure we have a proper nailable surface up to building code. Satisfied Home Improvement will felt the entire roof surface covering all hip and ridge joints use roofing felt which is a type of tar paper. 


During the felting process Satisfied Home Improvement will install any Chimney flashing, step flashing, or flashing which prevents leaks coming from the chimney. Once the felt is secure we will install drip edge on your eaves and then ice and water shield in roof valleys, edges and chimney areas which are known for leaking. Ice and water are additional defenses against leaking that the insurance does not always pay for and some roofers will not apply because of cost. This is one of the benefits to you for using Satisfied Home Improvement.


Before Satisfied Home Improvement begins roofing, we Install a starter course of shingles on the edges to keep the shingles from blowing off, potential leaks, and curling over time. Satisfied Home Improvement installation crew always use a chalk line to ensure the shingles are installed in a straight line on each row. Satisfied Home Improvement use threaded coiled nails rather than staples to prevent from backing out and shingle looseness.


Once the slopes have been roofed Satisfied Home Improvement installs ridge caps. Homeowners have the choice to install a (3 tab) ridge caps, (Z) type ridge caps, or (Timbertex) ridge caps based on homeowner’s choice.


We finish the roof by installing all roof than Satisfied Home Improvement use a 3-foot magnet sweep of area to remove any nails or metal materials or loose debris for dumping. All garbage and debris will be removed until at the completion of the job. Once the roof is complete Satisfied Home Improvement then does a final walk around with the homeowner to ensure satisfaction.


To learn more about our roofing products, our installation process or to get a quote, please fill out our contact form and call us about your project.      


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