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New Steps

Masonry steps and costume aluminum railings in Paramus, NJ

New steps

New Masonry steps and costume aluminum railings in Paramus, NJ

New steps with limestones

New masonry steps with limestones done in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Step and porch

Masonry Step and porch repair in Ridgefield, NJ

Concrete driveway repar

Installed a concrete retaining wall for driveway in Matawan, NJ

Steps and railing

New steps and railing redone in Woodbridge, NJ

Concrete driveway

New concrete driveway done by satisfied home improvement in Elisabeth, New Jersey




For quality masonry construction work you can count on, Satisfied Home Improvement is the answer to all your needs.                                          


As a family owned and operated business that takes a team approach,  Satisfied Home Improvement has an excellent safety record experience. Satisfied Home Improvement has worked hard to establish an excellent reputation with all our customers in the  New Jersey area and will make sure your finished job is one to be proud of. Call us for your masonry needs:


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No job is too big or too small. 


Satisfied Home Improvement is a very experienced staff of professionals, Satisfied Home Improvement has done only the highest quality of residential, commercial masonry work. Satisfied Home Improvement is experienced in completing quality projects and repairs with perfect customer satisfaction in a timely manner.



Call Satisfied Home Improvement today for a free estimate  1(800)203-0701 

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