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Chimney repair

Chimney Repair/Rebuild partially in Paramus, NJ

New entire chimney

New entire brick masonry chimney build by satisfied home improvement in Tenafly, NJ

Chimney repair

Masonry chimney repair in Edison, NJ

Chase cover

Costume chimney chase cover installed in Sparta, NJ

Chimney Liner

Installing a stainless steel chimney liner Teaneck, NJ

Chimney rebuild

Rebuilding chimney from roof level and up Union, NJ

Chimney Liner

Installing a stainless steel chimney liner Bayonne, NJ

Chimney rebuild

Chimney rebuild by satisfied home improvement in Springfield, NJ

Chimney rebuild

Chimney rebuild partially Boonton, NJ

Chimney rebuild

Chimney rebuild in Metuchen, NJ

Chimney chase cover

Installing a costume made stainless steel chimney chase cover in Somerset, NJ

Chimney repair

A chimney repair by satisfied home improvement in Carteret, NJ

Chimney liner image

Chimney liner image installed in Bridgewater, NJ

Chimney liner installation

Stainless Steal chimney cap and liner in Randolph, NJ

Chimney reframed

Reframing chimney in Union, NJ

Masonry chimney rebuilding

Masonry chimney rebuilding

Chimney blocked image

Before and after chimney blocked image Hazlet, NJ

Before and after chimney repair

Before and after image on a chimney crown repair in Old Bridge, NJ

Masonry brick chimney

Masonry brick chimney rebuild in Westfield, NJ



Satisfied Home Improvement is a chimney expert that visually inspects all components of the firebox and chimney for fire hazards. Satisfied Home Improvement checks to see if any water damage has occurred from a leak in the flashing, mortar crown, chimney chase, chimney cap or damper. Water Leak Inspections on the chimney is our speciality, Satisfied Home Improvement is the one to call for water leaks. Cracks in the firebox or panels are the leading cause in chimney fires other than human mistakes. Common inspection issues include animal nesting debris, rusty broken dampers, deterioration, smoke damage, and brick (cracked or loose). Call Satisfied Home Improvement today for your chimney inspection.


Chimney Liner / Relining Chimney


Chimney that flue liner has deteriorated and is no longer in good working condition is a hazard. The chimney liner is an essential component in the safe operation of the fireplace. The flue lining protects the chimney walls from by-products and hot gases produced by fires. A home without a good chimney liner is in real danger of catching fire since the heat in the chimney can affect combustible parts of the home. There are various types of chimney liners installed when chimneys are built. If your chimney liner needs to be replaced, our professional experts can provide all the information you need and answer all questions related to which type of liner replacement works best for you.    


  • Chimney Rebuilding

  • Chimney Relining

  • Chimney Masonry Repair

  • Chimney Cap Install

  • Chimney Crown Maintenance

  • Chimney Re-pointing

  • Chimney Brick Repair

  • Fireplace Chimney Damper

  • Chimney Waterproofing 

  • Chimney Flashing

  • Chimney Animal Remover


Chimney Rebuilding


Rebuilding or repairing a chimney requires the knowledge and experience of a well-trained professional. It requires a masonry structure in order to have proper venting. There are building code regulations and requirements which must be met, as well. Satisfied Home Improvement has chimney experts that are familiar with every aspect of chimneys and perform expert chimney and venting repairs. If a chimney is exposed to too much water because of the flow of rainwater on the roof it may create problems. Waterproofing of the chimney can also help to slow the damage caused by water. Another example is that flashing, the metal wrapping where the chimney meets the roof, may need to be replaced. Water leaking in the attic can result in problems from chimney flashing.




When your chimney mortar has deteriorated, it’s important to replace the mortar before the internal damage worsens. Repainting involves cleaning the loose mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar. This creates the original condition of the bricks and mortar. 

Firebox or Fireplace Repair.


On firebox is important keeping excessive heat away from certain areas. If the firebox has cracked bricks or deteriorating mortar joints, Satisfied Home Improvement can repair for you with new fireproof bricks and high-temperature resistant mortar.


Chimney Crown


Cracked chimney crown can lead your chimney and home to water leak and moisture which can become costly repairs. Crumbling or cracked chimney crown will need to be repaired. We have the experience and knowledge to repair a damaged chimney crown with a new one that can keep the water and moisture out of your chimney and home for years.


Call Satisfied Home Improvement today for a free estimate 1(800)203-0701 


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